Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail - 8th Edition

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Our apologies, but we have a bit of a gap between selling out of the 8th Edition of the Guide and the brand new 9th Edition being available!  If you would like to locate a copy of the 8th Edition please click on the website link (Click herethat takes you to the area/regional shops that have carried our Guide, maps and Databook.  Call ahead to make sure they still have some in stock!  

SHTA will get the word out through social media and our website when the 9th Edition is printed, in-house and ready to send your way!!


The Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail details over the 326 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail, from Wild Valley Road south of Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth, MN to the Canadian border. Mile-by-mile descriptions for the dayhiker or backpacker.

The Guide contains complete and up-to-date maps, information on campsites, and trailhead parking lots. The Guide is laid out section-by-section with each section providing trailhead parking directions, campsite and water source details, and a mile-by-mile description of the Trail and scenic features.