The 'Beast' trowel by TentLab

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The Deuce #3 is the full-sized trowel. It is made of thicker material than a regular Deuce® making it twice as strong and very easy on the hands. It withstands aggressive prying really well – no advanced techniques necessary (see directions). And it’s bigger – it moves about 50% more dirt per scoop than the #2 Deuce. Yet it weighs just .97 ounces (27.6 grams) – that's slightly less than the weight of TWO tablespoons of water.

The Deuce® #3 uses a new design with teeth on the leading edge of the blade for "sawing" into hard dirt and cutting roots as you run into them at the bottom of your hole. And it has finger-grip ripples on the handle.

If your backcountry catholes are routinely tough to make because of hard and rocky ground, this is your trowel.  (this would include most all of the Superior Hiking Trail!)