Thru-Hike the Superior Hiking Trail by Annie Nelson

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Author and Superior Hiking Trail thru-hiker, Annie Nelson, has provided a great resource for SHT thru-hikers and backpackers in Thru-hike the Superior Hiking Trail

From the author: 

"Annie Nelson earned her muddy boots on the Superior Hiking Trail. Let her be your guide to a successful thru-hiking adventure. She shares expert advice and research on planning your hike; arranging resupply, including a detailed list of available food, lodging and amenities; navigation information; selecting gear; transportation to, from and on the trail; staying safe; and much more. This is a useful book for anyone who loves the Superior HIking Trail." 

This guide, in combination with our Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail, SHT Databook and our trail maps, will address questions the thru-hiker, weekend backpacker or day hiker may have in an easy to understand format. Check it out!